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Do you have all careers that are available on your list?

Our list is very extensive. There are many great careers on our list and we are adding more careers to the list very often. But sadly we cannot have all possible careers on the list because new careers are created almost daily by people in the sector.

How do I know what to study for a certain career?

If you click on a career in our career list, you can see courses that you can take that will help you get into the career that you chose. You can also do your own independent research for courses to take.

Where can I study for a certain career?

You can study at any university, college or technicon. We recommend College SA Ė because we are the best. We give an extensive list of careers and courses that you can take to get to that career.

How do I know that I can trust the results of a career test?

A career test should give the same result each time the same person takes the test. You should be very careful about taking a career test online. Not only do some of these tests have hidden costs, but they can be unreliable and inaccurate. College SAís Career Test is absolutely FREE with no hidden costs. It is very accurate and reliable. It is a test you can trust.

Who is College SA?

College SA is one of the biggest distance learning colleges in South Africa. You can do many different courses with College SA. These courses can be two year diploma courses, certificate courses of varying lengths and even short courses that take only three months. College SA is known for the way we relate to students. We are always there to help you and to answer your questions. We also worked out a new way for you to pay for your studies. Now you only pay when you study and when you canít study, you donít lose in any way. You can take a break whenever you need to.

Why should I take a career test?

If you are struggling to find the career that interests you, a career test can help you understand yourself better. Even if you know what career you want to follow, a career test can give you confirmation or it could help you to re-evaluate your career choice.

What is a career test?

A career test gives you insight into your likes and dislikes. It gives you information about your interests, values and skills, to name only a few things. All this information is put together to help you make informed choices about your future career.
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