What is psychometric testing or aptitude testing?

Psychometrics is a field of study that focuses on the way career tests and aptitude tests are made. It is a study of these tests. Is the test accurate? Does it test what it should test? Are the questions in the test relevant? These kinds of questions are asked when a career test is psychometrically analysed.

Most people who use psychometrics are also clinical psychologists. That means that they understand how the human mind works. In this way they can easily choose the right questions that will help you get the answers you need from the career test. People from other professions also create psychometric tests. Human Resource Managers or Learning and Development people can create tests that will help them know if someone is able to do a certain job - these are called aptitude tests.

An aptitude test is a psychometric test that is almost like a career test. It will test what you are able to do. It does not test your likes and dislikes, but it actually tests your abilities.

The most important thing about these test are that they should be accurate and reliable. They should give the same result each time the same person takes the test. You should be very careful about taking a career test online. Not only do some of these tests have hidden costs, but they can be unreliable and inaccurate. College SA’s Career Test is absolutely FREE with no hidden costs. It is very accurate and reliable. It is a test you can trust.

Who uses these tests?

Psychometric tests are used by many different people and organizations. Here are a few:

  • University or college career service centers,
  • Career counselors,
  • Outplacement companies,
  • Corporate human resources staff,
  • Executive coaches,
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselors and
  • Guidance counselors.





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