You have probably decided that you want to study.You want to get a better education.You might need to study something so that you can start a whole new career.

You’ve done some research and you realised that a college is not just a college. You know that there are different kinds of colleges and that they do not all teach you in the same way.

Some colleges are accredited and some are not. Some colleges let you study on your own time from home. Other colleges offer face to face, classroom education.

When deciding on which college to register with, you have a lot of things to think about:

1) College Accreditation

Accreditation is a vital issue to consider when deciding on a college, and yet, not many people actually really understand what accreditation is.

An accredited College is a college that has got official recognition as a registered education provider. If a College wants to become accredited, it has to pass lots of tests to make sure that it will offer good quality education to its students. An accredited College tells you that the college meets certain minimum standards, such as having approved learning material etc. An accredited College has to make very sure that it must keep on meeting those standards. Accredited colleges can lose their accreditation if they start to fall below those standards.

The award you get from an accredited college will be recognised (by other institutions and businesses). Because your award is from an accredited college, people will know that your education comes from a college that offers high quality education.

You absolutely have to find out if a college is accredited before you register with them

2) College Reputation

Every single college has a reputation. Every person who studies with a college will most certainly have an opinion about that college, and that opinion forms part of the college’s reputation.

You most probably want to register with a College that an excellent reputation? Do some internet research about the College you are thinking about registering with. You will soon find out about that college’s reputation!

3) College Fees

People have a budget when it comes to paying for studies. Each college charges different fees. You might need to pay extra for your textbooks at some colleges. Also, some colleges require that you sign a credit agreement with them.

What will happen if you only want to register for a single subject? You might be forced to pay the price of a full qualification, even though you only want to study a single subject. Make sure you research how much you will have to pay in total when you register with a college.

4) Courses

You will need to be able to register for the subjects and courses that you are interested in. Does a certain college offer those subjects and courses? Will your College allow you to register for different types of courses at the same time, for example, a business course as well as a computer course? Please make sure you find this out before you register with any college.

5) Service quality

Every time you ‘do business’ with a company, you will receive some kind of service from them.

You need to be able to register with a college that is actually happy to provide their services to their students In terms of the contact information for a college:

  • Is there just one phone number for the College?
  • Or, is there more than one way to get hold of the college employees?
  • Does the college have a fax number?
  • Does the college have an email address?
  • You should expect good quality service from a college.

As the person searching for a college, YOU are responsible for getting all the information you need. You need to make sure that the college will be able to meet your needs.

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