Want to work in the field of Beauty on a Cruise Liner?

Most Cruise Liners have on board a variety of beauty therapists. Typical beauty-related positions on Cruise Liners include:

  • Beautician,
  • Hair Stylist,
  • Massage Therapist,
  • Nail Technician,
  • Spa Attendant

If you are considering working in the field of beauty on a cruise liner, then please note that each Cruise Liner company has its own set of specific entrance requirements for potential employees.
Some of these entrance requirements include:

  • 5 years experience in a similar position on an ultra luxury Cruise Ship,
  • Experience at a Private Spa, Boutique Hotel, or ultra luxury Hotel or Resort ,
  • Must possess Technical, Trade or Vocational College Qualification,
  • ¬†Ship board experience favoured, but not essential 

For massage therapists, Cruise Liners also stipulate what kinds of massage disciplines you need to be proficient in, for example:

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Neuro-muscular Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage.
  • General Physiotherapy Massage

Working on a Cruise Liner can be fun and exciting, but before you plan your career on a Cruise Liner, please make very sure that you find out exactly what their employment entrance requirements are.
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